Kelechi Ubozoh is a Nigerian-American mental health advocate, writer, and SF Bay Area poet. Her story promoting awareness and suicide prevention is shared in O Magazine and will be on newsstands on January 2019.

In summer of 2019, her book with co-editor Liz Green, We’ve Been Too Patient will be released from North Atlantic Books and distributed by Penguin Random House. We’ve Been Too Patient is a collection of a diverse of voices who all share their stories of radical healing and consider the recent movement towards reform in the mental health field, including the mad pride/consumer movement, theater as therapy, peer support, combatting stigma, and trauma-informed care. For updates and more information on the book, check out We’ve Been Too Patient.

She is featured in The Voice Award Winning documentary, The S Word, following the lives of suicide attempt survivors in an effort to eliminate stigma of mental health issues. Check out The S Word Movie Trailer.  Read her Q&A with non-profit-mental health organization PEERS at Q&A with Kelechi Ubozoh. Recently, Kelechi as featured on the Good Morning America Website to share her story check it out at Good Morning America.

Listen to her conversation with Paul Gilmartin from Mental Illness Happy Hour here Mental Illness Happy Hour. She chats with the ladies of the Social Changery Do More Good Podcast . Her story is also featured in the Live Through This  Project.

Kelechi frequents many Bay Area readings like Lit Crawl, Beast Crawl, Birds of Paradise, Lyrics and Dirges, Get Lit, Passages on the Lake, Voz Sin Tinta, Nomadic Press, Liminal, and Bay Area Generations (Live Performance !)    Her poetry is featured in an Anthology of San Francisco Bay Area Writers of Color, check out her live performance at Endangered Species, Enduring Values San Francisco Library Launch.

Need help or resources?

National Suicide Prevention Helpline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

The Trevor Helpline (For LGBT+): 1-800-850-807

Help Finding a Therapist: 1-800-THERAPIST (1-800-843-7274)