Suicide Prevention Work

As a suicide attempt survivor, I work with behavioral health systems on how to consider the voices of those who have survived and considerations we have to offer. Check out the piece, by The Mighty that features me and other suicide prevention experts about how we can do a better job collectively reducing suicide here.


I also share my personal journey and radical perspectives on the United Suicide Survivors International webinar hereLeah Harris and I facilitate a Trauma Informed Prevention Strategies for Educators Webinar, check it out here

I’m proud to be part of The S Word documentary, which follows the lives of suicide attempt survivors to start a dialogue that is long over due.

For more information on the film visit 


What are our goals?

  1. Raise awareness about suicide prevention and resources, including alternatives that reach outside the box.

    Expand the conversation about suicide to include everybody, because we have all been touched by it in some way.

    Talk openly about suicide without judgement, shame or discrimination.

    To get people to think about suicide in a completely different way – highlighting the complexity, pain and even humor of our survivors.

    Change the world. (Okay we know one film can’t change the world but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.)

    Learn more about the film and how you could host a screening here.